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Nutrition Therapy in Chicago

Nutrition therapy focuses on learning new ways to nourish your body through meal planning, adding more variety your current diet, confronting fear foods, and balancing your diet to help achieve a healthier body, more energy, and a positive attitude about food. Nutrition therapy integrates concrete suggestions for improving eating patterns with counseling around emotional barriers to change.

Our nutritionist, Rebecca Bohn, uses a collaborative approach to nutrition therapy. Since eating is so personal, therapy sessions are individualized, and the client is directly involved in goal setting. Some clients wish to work with a specific meal plan, while others prefer an intuitive eating approach.

Changing your eating patterns can be frightening. Rebecca works with each client to create a comfortable nutrition therapy environment, focused on attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Rebecca is also a certified personal trainer with her own private exercise studio, so she is able to address exercise related difficulties such as compulsive exercise, fear of exercise, and exercise purging.

For more information on nutrition therapy for eating disorders, disordered eating, exercise counseling, women’s health, weight management, sports nutrition, and medical conditions, please contact Rebecca Bohn at 773-506-4447.

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