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Fall 2017
Meet our Newest Co-op Member, Tamara Gittelson, LCPC
interview by Allisun Noe-Conant

Allisun: You have been trained as a psychoanalyst.  Psychoanalysis seems to be shrouded in some mystery or misunderstanding. How do you understand it as helpful to your patients?
Tamara: For me it's a passionate inquiry. Two people eye-to-eye, face-to-face, in the ring, working to make a connection and map uncharted territory. It's about having the humility to listen, to learn from my patients, and to enter their subjectivity, their inner world. While it's tilted in favor of one person, the patient, I see it as a mutual playing field, co-created and shared. It's demanding and intense but on a good day it can also be both moving and playful. It's about helping people change. I prefer not to analyze, but to think, explore, discover and adventure into uncertainty. I like the paradox of mixed feelings and the ongoingness, the privilege of getting to feel and share what matters most to another person.  
A: How would you describe your areas of clinical interest or expertise?  With whom do you feel most suited to work?
T: I'm most interested in relating and connection. Helping people come out of their shell. If you're in there, I'll find you. I'm curious about problems of social relatedness and, more recently, how our bodies come to express what can't be put into words. I like to try to find a level, a vibe, with anyone, and to find our common humanity, but I have a soft spot for the curious, lively, creative, expressive and the conflicted. We all have our difficulties, and I find that diagnostic labels shrink rather than expand my thinking. But I like those who are naturally introspective, curious and courageous; those who take the experience of living, or suffering, seriously, and believe that life can and must be made worth living. 
A: You have lived and traveled all over the world.  How have your global experiences impacted you as a therapist?
T: I have mixed British/South African heritage and grew up always feeling outside the culture. I imagine that this places me somewhat naturally in the position of observer, and motivates me to build strong and enduring relationships. I've learned about loss and the agony of goodbyes. I hope I can help others to accept that while life can be tragic, it tends to work out a bit better if we can learn to put a rudder on the boat and have agency over ourselves and our own lives.  
I love my work and the people I get to know. Work helps make Chicago feel more like home, but, nowhere is home and I suppose I'm not very rule-bound by the expectations of a particular culture. I grew up mainly in South Africa and London, with a side smattering of Toronto, Istanbul and Seattle. All have touched me in different ways.  
A: Other than your work, what brings you joy?
T: Meeting fun and exciting people who are unafraid of risks; I love learning from and with others. Telling secrets. Boxing, hiking in the Quadisha Valley in Lebanon, salsa dancing, Malbec-infused late-night conversation, and most of all, freedom. Although I'm not very domesticated, I feel the value of loving long term, through thick and thin, and having twins has been a story of its own.  
Welcome to our New Post-Graduate Fellow, Mirelle Bloch, MA
Mirelle is passionate about her work as a therapist and delighted to join the staff at Lakeview for her post-doctoral year. She works with adults, couples, and older adolescents, and as a certified EMDR clinician, she has a particular interest in working with individuals who have experienced trauma. She also specializes in treating attachment and relationship issues, anxiety and mood disorders, identity and transition issues, and grief and loss. Having lived and worked abroad for 16 years, she is especially attuned to multi-cultural issues. She believes in the importance of creating a collaborative relationship in a safe and non-judgmental space that fosters full exploration of her clients' hopes, fears, and desires. In her off hours, Mirelle enjoys film and visual art, yoga, theater and dance concerts, writing, reading, and curling up on the couch with her dog, Puccini...especially during thunderstorms.  Mirelle will be offering a sliding scale fee. 

Therapy Groups for Your Clients
Interpersonal Process Groups - Mixed Gender or Women Only   
For information on all available process groups; please contact Britt Raphling, LCPC, CGP 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) Skills Training Groups
For information on all available DBT skills groups; please contact Leigh Rocklin, LCPC, MEd 
Aging as Adaptation: an 8 Week Interpersonal Process Group    
For clients close to or in their sixties who are navigating changing roles as caregivers to their parents and parents of adult children; please contact Melinda Rezman, LCPC, RDDP 

Living Without Using: a Process Group for Adults in Recovery    
For clients who are in recovery, this group will directly address the stresses and difficulties of coping with sobriety; please contact Melinda Rezman, LCPC, RDDP 
Training and Consultation Groups for You (CEUs available)
Integrative Psychotherapy Consultation Group
contact Niquie Dworkin, PhD 
Workshop:  Meditation & Somatic Practices
for Therapists
painting by Ann Worthing 
contact Kate Fiello, LCSW
email Kate 
Consultation Group for Therapists Interested in Group Dynamics  
contact Britt Raphling, LCPC, CGP 
Post-Graduate Fellowship 
We are accepting applications for our  
two-year post-graduate fellowship. The fellowship begins July 2018. Fellows  
have the opportunity to conduct group, individual and couples therapy, as well as to supervise and train graduate student externs. It is a great opportunity to build a private practice that can follow you when you have completed the fellowship. We are looking for mature, independent, creative candidates who are interested in integrative relational psychotherapy. For more information click on this link:
CARITAS - Chicago Academy for Relational Integrative Therapy Advanced Skills
CARITAS is an integrative psychotherapy certificate program that provides continuing education (CEUs) to psychologists, social workers and professional counselors in Chicago. This one-year program meets two to three hours per week for 14 weeks from September to December, and another 14 weeks from February to May. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the program. Curriculum consists of three components: clinical seminars, case conference, and individual supervision. Schedule TBD.
We are currently accepting students for this program on a rolling basis. To apply please email your CV and a cover letter describing your interests to Dr. Niquie Dworkin 
For more information click on this link:  CARITAS 
Lakeview Member Accomplishments
Zack Hamingson received the "Community Impact Award" from The Kedzie Center for his work with the Chicago Trauma Collective.  He  also completed Intermediate II  training in Somatic Experiencing in July.

Allisun Noe-Conant
recently completed an advanced training in Emotion Focused Couple Therapy.

Nathan Dougal completed additional advanced training in Couple Therapy (with Art Nielsen, MD) and Working with Parents (with Colin Pereira-Webber, LCSW).

Britt Raphling presented a workshop at the national conference of the American Group Psychotherapy Association.  She was also one of three main presenters at the Illinois Group Psychotherapy Spring Conference, which she led a demonstration group of Modern Psychoanalytic group theory.

Melinda Rezman
was recently certified as a Gottman Method Couples Therapist (CGT).
Support and Guidance for all Stages of Life
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and families in Chicago. 

Niquie Dworkin, PhD; Kate Fiello, LCSW; Melinda Rezman, LCSW, RDPP; Sarah Seidler, LCSW; Nathan Dougal, LCSW, BCD; Samantha Fenno, PhD, LCSW; Tamara Gittelson, LCPC; Zack Hamingson, LCPC; Dacia Harrold, MD, MA; Mary Anne Machado, LCPC; Allisun Noe-Conant, PsyD; Britt Raphling, LCPC, CGP; Leigh Rocklin, LCPC, MEd; Mirelle Bloch, MA (Fellow); Emily Parke, MA (Extern); Timothy Sawyier, MA (Extern) 
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