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Welcome to Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy, a comprehensive therapy center serving the Chicago Area.
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For Professionals

Office and Conference Room Rental

For Rent Full Time: Two full time psychotherapy offices, may be furnished by you, available May 1st, all utiliities and supplies included.

At Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy, we have fourteen tastefully furnished psychotherapy offices, most of which are large enough for group therapy, as well as a conference/ seminar room large enough for groups of twenty or more.

Office space is currently available in 6 or 8 hour block, days evenings and weekends. Group/conference room space available as well.

We require that all professionals working at our office be fully licensed in the state of Illinois and have valid malpractice insurance.

Please contact Kate Fiello at or (773) 525-3322 for more information. 

Professional Opportunities


Lakeview Center is seeking an experienced (5-10 years post licensure) integratve psychodynamic therapist. Must be established in the psychodynamic community, have some experience in private practice and with training and supervsion. Preference will be given to those who are fluent in Spanish, and/or who belong to an ethnic or cultural minority group. If this describes you, please contact Dr. Niquie Dworkin at

Research Intern:

If you are interested in qualitative psychotherapy process and outcome research and would like to gain some experience, please contact Dr. Niquie Dworkin at

Supervision and Consultation

Training Opportunities at Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy

Our clinical work often stirs up strong feelings and presents difficult challenges, which means it's important for us to have a place where we can explore these issues.  Because the practice of psychotherapy is fairly solitary work, it is helpful for us to have a regular dose of support and perspective in a safe community of clinicians.  Consultation and training groups provide opportunities to share information and experiences, and plug us into a supportive environment that helps us meet the challenges of our work. 

CEUs available for all groups 

Training Group for Clinicians Interested in Group Dynamics
1-2 Tuesdays/month 12 - 1:30 p.m. 
Contact:  Britt Raphling, LCPC, CGP at 312-723-1423 

This experiential training uses the power of group to support discussions of cases and other professional issues. Here-and-now processing from a psychodynamic group therapy perspective will enhance how we respond to and learn from each others' experiences and further develop our professional egos. This training is appropriate for therapists who treat individuals and couples as well as those who lead process groups, because group consultation helps us to examine more directly the interpersonal dynamics stimulated in our work with clients.  
If you have a group practice currently or are thinking of starting a process group, this training will be helpful, although a group practice is not required to join.  Both newer and seasoned clinicians are welcome.

Consultation Group with a Focus on Trauma Work
1st Thursday of each month 10 - 11:30 a.m.  
Contact:  Leigh Rocklin, LCPC, MEd at 

This consultation group will focus on the treatment of trauma, as well as other diagnoses, from a psychodynamic, relational and body-centered framework.  We will explore the use of mindfulness both by the therapist, in order to be present in the clinical space, and for the client, to help manage symptoms.  Discussions will include teachings and short readings to enhance learning.  In addition to focusing on clinical technique and musings we will explore the art of knowing ourselves as therapists and how that impacts the clinical relationship. 


The experienced psychotherapists of Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy provide clinical consultation and supervision to other mental health professionals, individually, or in groups. Fees may be set on a sliding scale basis. We are able to provide specialized guidance to therapists who are working with clients struggling with eating disorders, substance abuse and other addictions, compulsive self-injury, and personality disorders.

We have conducted seminars and in-services on eating disorders, mindful eating, compulsive self-injury, mindfulness meditation, stress reduction, movement therapy, compassion fatigue, infertility issues, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

For information, please contact Dr. Niquie Dworkin at

Intregrative Psychotherapy Consultation Group

This group is open to new therapists who have just finished a graduate program or who are just as well as therapists who wish to integrate new orientations and interventions into their repetoire. We will focus on combining symptom-focused and insight oriented interventions from the psychodynamic, cognitive/behavioral, and experiential traditions and will discuss cases from an integrative relational perspective.

Saturdays, Monthly 2:45-4. CEUs available.
For more information, please contact Dr. Niquie Dworkin at



We accept externs seeking practica in psychology and social work. Externs must be at least in their second year of a masters or doctoratal program, and have had at least one previous therapy practicum. Externs should be self-motivated and independent, as Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy is a private practice setting.

Externs will learn though weekly individual clinical supervision with two senior Lakeview Center therapists, peer consultation groups, seminarss and clinical training meetings. They will have the opportunity to work with a variety of clients of all ages seeking individual, couple and group psychotherapy. The externship experience may include facilitating support groups, conducting workshops, and training in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy.

Lakeview Center follows the ACEPT guidelines and schedule, even for counseling and social work students. We start accepting applications in February, interview candidates in March, and notify candidates on Notification Day. Please consult the ACEPT website for exact dates. Applications should be sent via mail, attn Niquie Dworkin, and inlcude a cover letter, resume, transcript, and 2-3 letters of recommendation from people who can discuss your psychotherapy skills and personality strengths.

Post-Graduate Fellowships

We also accept post-graduate fellows who are graduates of APA approved doctoral programs in clinical psychology, or masters programs in social work or counseling. Applicants must have an interest in integrative relational psychotherapy and feel comfortable working with clients with eating disorders and other compulsive behaviors. In addition to the experiences described above, fellows will have the opportunity to conduct individual and group supervision. Fellows will also be involved in marketing and outreach.

Fellows see individual clients for 24 hours weekly and run a DBT group. Hours for the fellowship are flexible, but some weekend or evening hours are required to accomodate working clients. Compensation for the fellowship is based on a percentage of fees collected; fellows can expect to make around $25-$35K yearly.

We have filled our positions for 2016-17. We will be accepting applications again in January 2018 for the fellowship beginning July 2018. Please submit your coverletter, vita, and 2-3 letters of recommendations via email to All questions regarding fellowships may also be directed to the email below.

Please email questions to


Advanced Psychotherapy Training


Chicago Academy for Relational Integrative Therapy

We are currently developing an advanced integrative therapy program.

Our name comes from a Latin word that has several connotations including “from the heart,” “to esteem highly” and to help those in need.  We feel that this captures the crucial healing elements of relational therapy:  the use of one’s deepest emotional resources to convey to struggling individuals that they are respected and loved.Our logo represents our view of the self as emerging from and embedded in a social, cultural, relational context.  For the client, the therapist hopes to be a valuable part of this context, and for the therapist, we hope our program can be a valuable part of your developing identity.

The Relational Integrative Therapy Advanced Skills Program (RITAS) is a concentrated, practice-oriented educational experience designed for working clinicians who wish to learn contemporary integrative psychotherapy models and apply these to their work with patients.

For more information, please contact Dr. Niquie Dworkin at