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Fertility Counseling, Pregnancy and
Postpartum Depression Therapy
in Chicago

For many women and men, the wish to have a baby can be one of the most powerful driving forces in their lives. Fertility difficulties can cause us to question our most basic assumptions and precipitate a true life crisis. Infertility frequently leads to debilitating depression, anxiety, relationship conflicts, isolation from friends and family, physical symptoms, and spiritual confusion.

Infertility can trap us in a vicious cycle. Research has demonstrated that depression and anxiety decrease fertility, which typically leads to more severe depression and anxiety.

We can help you break the cycle. Lakeview Center’s co-directors have each navigated the painful journey through infertility. We have experienced first hand the treatments that Western and alternative medicine have to offer and the emotional strain that accompanies this process. Each of us has made the right decisions for our life circumstances. Kate Fiello has one daughter, adopted from China, and Niquie Dworkin has twin girls and a younger daughter.

Our therapists are available for individual and couples’ infertility counseling and our co-directors lead fertility support workshops. We are also able to coordinate treatment with Steve Bonzac, MS, board certified acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist.

Postpartum and Pregnancy Depression

Postpartum depression is experienced by a significant number of women. The term refers to feelings of sadness, hopelessness, guilt, and anxiety that occur shortly after childbirth. These feelings can range from mild and brief, often called the “baby blues” to severe and incapacitating. Postpartum depression can interfere with a mother’s ability to take care of and connect with her baby. If you have a history of depression, therapy during pregnancy may prevent postpartum depression.

Many women experience similar depressive symptoms during their pregnancy, adding to this already stressful transition and interfering with daily functioning and planning for the baby. Postpartum and pregnancy depression are typically treatable through psychotherapy.

The transition to parenthood raises often brings up unresolved issues stemming from each parent's own childhood. Individual or couples therapy can help new parents cope with this profound life change.

The therapists at Lakeview Center specialize in treating pregnancy related issues, such as pregnancy complications, pregnancy loss, stillbirth, prematurity, and new parents’ stress. We can also arrange for consultations regarding infants' medical complications through our partnership with PIPPC.

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