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Intensive Outpatient Treatment for Eating Disorders in Chicago

When we find our clients are not able to make and maintain changes in outpatient treatment alone, we may discuss the option of intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) or day treatment through our clinical partnerships with programs in the Chicago area. Intensive treatment gives extra support to help you break out of entrenched eating disorder symptoms like constant binging and/or purging and intense fear of eating. Intensive treatment may also be helpful when you don’t have the support of friends and family to help you in between sessions. You may keep seeing your Lakeview Center therapists while in the program. After IOP you can remain at Lakeview Center for aftercare to build on the gains you have made and prevent relapse.

For more information about coordinated individual therapy and IOP, or to schedule an evaluation to determine what level of treatment is right for you, call us at 773-525-3322, ext 42.

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