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Emotion Regulation

Emotions are a vital source of information. They help guide us in decsion making and warn us of danger. Emotions give us immediate feedback more quickly and directly than thoughts. However, when emoptions are intense and overwhelming, they can feel intolerable. Emotion regulation skills allow us to gain a sense of mastery over our emotions so that they can add vitality and zest to our lives without becoming confusing or unmanageable.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy teaches us nine different emotion regulation skills:

1. How to recognize emotions

2. How to overcome barriers to feeling healthy emotions.

3. How to take care of ourselves physically to help manage emotions.

4. How to work with thoughts to help mange emotions.

5. How to increase positive emotions.

6. How to accept out emotions without judgement.

7. How to gradually learn to stay with intense emotions.

8. How to resist acting impulsively to escape emotions.

9. How to deal with emotional situations skillfully.

All us us can learn to work with our emotions more effectively. DBT gives clear practical skills for reconnecting with our emotions as a way to know and accept ourselves.

For more information about DBT, call Niquie Dworkin at 773-506-4443.

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