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Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment

How do I know if my child needs therapy?

Children can engage in a variety of behaviors that show they are struggling with their feelings. If your child is disruptive at home or in school, has difficulty focusing, is impulsive, easily frustrated, and angry, has difficulty making friends and getting along with peers, is doing poorly at school or refusing to attend, has started having bedwetting and/or daytime accidents, or is engaging in risky and self-destructive behaviors, he or she may need therapy to resolve underlying conflicts or to process feelings

Significant transitions, such as divorce, illness, loss, or new additions to a family may interfere with healthy development and growth. Learning diisabilities and other special needs may also affect a child’s development and a family’s functioning.

Child play and talk therapy, parent counseling, and family therapy help children and families address difficult feelings that interfere with healthy development, school performance, and family and peer relationships.

Therapy provides a unique and safe environment where a child can explore difficult feelings and relieve distress. Through the therapeutic relationship, a child begins to understand his or her feelings, learn new ways of coping, and improve self-esteem.

At Lakeview Center, we understand families and we know how to help troubled kids. Our highly-trained child psychotherapists can help parents understand your child's emotional and behavioral issues and develop strategies for addressing these concerns.

How will I participate in my child's treatment?

We consider parental involvement to be a crucial component of every child's therapy. Parents are our main source of information about their child's development, behavior, and emotions and they are closely consulted regarding the goals of treatment. We view parents as our partners in the treatment process and rely upon you to evaluate the effective of your child's therapy.

Parents can also support therapy by reinforcing relaxation, stress reduction, and anger management strategies your child learns in therapy. You can encourage your child to express her or his feelings at home through play, writing or art. Your child's therapist can advise you on how set appropriate goals and limits to help your child reach his or her potential.

Helping Adolescents in Chicago Schools

As part of our committment to helping our community, Lakeview Center externs now provide onsite counseling to the students of Walter Payton and Whitney M Young High Schools, as well as services for their families at our center. While we do not have this unique relationship with all Chicago public schools, we provide affordable counseling services to CPS students and their familes.

For questions about child, family or play therapy, or to set up an initial appointment, contact Nathan Dougal at 773-348-1234.

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Child, Adolescent, and Family Treatment

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