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Welcome to Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy, a comprehensive therapy center serving the Chicago Area.
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Movement and Body-Centered Therapy

Movement Therapy helps us to:

• Listen and attune to bodily felt sensations

• Recognize the wisdom and information that is both hidden and overt in the body

• Guide the development of relaxation, grounding, centering, and integration of the body self

• Explore movement as a pathway to reclaiming direct communication with our lives and awakening our full aliveness.

For women who are dealing with issues pertaining to self-esteem, body image, abuse/trauma, eating disorders and/or addictions, living comfortably and securely in the body-self is often a daily struggle. The practice of authentic movement can provide a safe container through which awareness of our body-self can be developed, expressed and shared in the presence of others. Learning to witness ourselves and others with compassionate heart and mind is the true process of healing.

For more information on body-centered therapy, contact Kate Fiello
at 773-525-3322, ext. 42

Areas of Expertise

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Movement and Body-Centered Therapy

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